About Us.

Young Crown (SCIO) is Crown Church's chosen tool for promoting a sustained and generous focus on children, young people and their families.

  • As a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) it allows a small number of trustees to manage finance and employment issues, and to promote a direction which is both closely linked to the church but also facing out into the Parish and wider world.

  • We have five trustees at present.

  • As well as trustees, there are also “members” of the charity who can be involved in direction, process and prayer. We encourage people who are interested to consider joining as members as this increases the vision and scope of the work as well as helps us to keep accountable and transparent.

  • The principals of operating well as a SCIO underpin us, but we are directed and resourced by prayer. Please join us in praying for the ministry of Young Crown!

For some years we have discussed possibilities of extending ministry and mission.



  • In 2004 we appointed an Associate Minister for Education and Outreach.

  • More recently, as well as students, we have benefited from the wise input of our Ordained Local Minister and Probationary Minister.

  • We are on the way of changing how the Kirk Session operates, so that Elders and others can play a full and meaningful part in giving the Church its direction.

  • Now since January 2015 with the help of a working group we have successfully recruited a worker for the position of Youth and Children’s Work Coordinator.



  • Within schools and in free time, to offer and to coordinate to children and young people opportunities for learning about and living through moral and social issues.

  • To offer an emphasis on Christian faith in ways which might encourage children and youth to engage with it. Christian faith can be nurtured both within the church and more widely than that. Peaceful dialogue with those of other persuasions would be part of this.

  • To offer, both through young crown and in liaison with other groups, activities and events which benefit physical and mental wellbeing.

  • To ensure that there is a long-term commitment both to offering what is beneficial to children and young people and to recognising their capacities and contributions which can be offered to the wider community.


  • Because the Christian faith is for all peoples, of all ages, Young Crown will uphold its values within all its work with children, young people and their families. The vision is to enhance and enrich the lives of these younger generations.



  • In Christian faith, the service of God and the love of neighbour are primary, looking to Jesus Christ, “the founder and perfecter of faith.” Children and young people are to be treasured both as individuals and also members of a wider community.