YC inc.

Youth club is back. But not as you know it!

We're super happy to be able to bring back our beloved youth group for all you lovely people in P4-7. Naturally, we're not able to bring back YC inc as you know and love it - there are too many restrictions in place and it wouldn't be safe to operate like before. We still love variety and think that the chance to do loads of different things that you choose is one of the best things about the YC experience. So with that in mind, we have put together a programme of activities so you get a chance to do lots of great things with a different thing each week.

Spaces are limited due to COVID restrictions, so please book early using this website's booking page. You'll need to book for each session you want to attend, so we know how many places are taken. Don't worry, it's dead easy. Check it out here:

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