The 12 days of Christmas re:mix

At the all age service on Sunday past, the task I set myself was to reword the 12 days of Christmas with some more explicitly Biblical material than the original. The idea being that the song introduces not just the themes of the original Christmas story, but also some of the things that the gospels explain Jesus went on to do in His earthly life. All with some dressing up, dashing round the Church getting some Bible readings, a bit of comedy with a powerpoint, etc. Hopefully it makes sense as you read through! In reverse order: On the twelfth day of Christmas the Lord God gave to me: 12 disciples following 11 shepherds watching 10 thousand angels 9 ungrateful lepers 8 beatitudes 7 great I A

Could Christmas still change the world?

On the last day of term, I had to deliver an address for the S2 yeargroup at Millburn Academy. Devoid of other ideas, and in need of something Christmassy, engaging and short; I opted to write a poem. It seemed to go down well - for which I'm thankful because doing poetry in front of people is difficult even if those people are expecting to have poetry done to them... Anyway here's the piece. Enjoy! A long time ago in a galaxy quite close to here Begins a story we celebrate every year We tell it over and over and over again It might have meant something away back when… Nothing’s happening in the sleepy Middle East and then: Mary, Joseph, a stable bare A baby arrives – they call Him God’s hei

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