Pancakes galore!

It is my understanding that pancakes serve the function of somehow using up all of the indulgent foods in our households prior to a period of avoiding indulgence. Hence a great foodstuff for Shrove Tuesday - the day before the start of lent. Or at least that's the excuse for hosting a super-fun pancake-flipping event for all of the young people in p7+ next Tuesday! Tell everyone you know!!! [And how about trying out the lent challenge starting next Wednesday? Could be a great wee extra to add to your run-up for Easter] #pancakes #lent #shrovetuesday #challenge #event #easter #cross

Wild honey and ???

At the weekend, we hosted a number of lads from the BB and I had the great pleasure of taking part of the service relating to John the Baptist. I made all the obvious points and a few slightly less obvious ones about how we're perhaps mistaken to assume he was a dishevelled and hairy beast when the Bible simply states that he wore normal clothing for his surroundings. And that he ate locusts and wild honey. The locusts. Now if you were in my position and preparing an all-age service, you'd have fun with that too. But there's some interesting facts I've learned over the weekend which I'd like to share with you here. 1. When frying locusts, don't use coconut oil. It starts to burn at a relativ

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