Discover Easter - a Good Friday event!

Here's a report for the upcoming church magazine about the fantastic Discover Event we held on Good Friday. Enjoy! What do 3 puppets, 4 puppeteers, hundreds of knitted chicks, 3 newspapers, 2 videos, 1 wooden cross, 5 different crafts, 120 chocolate eggs, 2 treasure hunts, dozens of volunteers and about 45 children (plus their parents) have in common? Discover Easter! This was the first time we’ve tried an event like this – something for all the family to explore a little more of the amazing Easter story together. On the morning of Good Friday, we saw a really great turn out – with many people accepting invitations through letterboxes, at the doorstep, through toddler groups and also by word

Discover Easter

It's an embarrassment how long it has been between blog posts. But we're all forgiven and forgiving people, right? (Discuss the finer points of that theology in the comments section perhaps...) Anyway, we're rapidly approaching Easter. That most glorious of festivals. So many things strike me afresh about the passion narrative every time I re-read through it. One such thing this year being the appropriatness of the timing during the Passover festival. The story is so rich in detail - many small points that add together to a story greater than the sum of its parts; a story greater than any re-telling could ever render it; the greatest story ever told. The fact that we're preaching through Mar

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