Kingsmills Toddlers Need You!

New year, new start. That's the whole point of the new year's resolution(s) [and how are yours going, by the way]?

But what else can we start new in the coming year? 2016 is a land of opportunity for God's Kingdom right here in Crown. One of the big things I want to be doing in Young Crown is increase our community involvement and grow the links between our congregation and the people all around us. A great way to do that would be to find new ways and means serve them - and I've found just that!

The Kingsmills toddler groups meet on Wednesday and Thursday mornings to provide a safe place to meet with other young families and lighten the load of young parenthood just a little. The parents, however, have to provide their own hot drinks, refreshments, etc. This isn't a bad thing per se, but as children are not allowed into the kitchen, this can be an interesting challenge - and presents us with a great opportunity to help.

Will the toddler group be able to run without people from church coming in to serve the refreshments? Yes. But how much of an opportunity to love and serve the young parents of our parish, of our community, do we have here?

Could you spare one morning per month to join a rota? Serve up some, tea, coffee, snacks for the kids, do a little washing up and serve up some chat for the mums and dads? Such an easy, simple, yet profound way to demonstrate God's love to the community (and it also might help to increase the popularity of the group and help us invite more people in which can grow our reach into the community with the gospel!).

Could this be a new thing for you to start this new year?!

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