Wild honey and ???

At the weekend, we hosted a number of lads from the BB and I had the great pleasure of taking part of the service relating to John the Baptist. I made all the obvious points and a few slightly less obvious ones about how we're perhaps mistaken to assume he was a dishevelled and hairy beast when the Bible simply states that he wore normal clothing for his surroundings. And that he ate locusts and wild honey.

The locusts. Now if you were in my position and preparing an all-age service, you'd have fun with that too. But there's some interesting facts I've learned over the weekend which I'd like to share with you here.

1. When frying locusts, don't use coconut oil. It starts to burn at a relatively low temperature and it goes EVERYWHERE when you chuck the beasties in and it is very very difficult to clean off of the various kitchen surfaces it inevitably dries on to.

2. The lads in the BB you had pre-arranged to come along and eat locusts will not do it. Even the ones who show up will "forget" what they had agreed less than 48 hours previously.

3. Whilst not as horrible as you might imagine, I can't say I enjoyed the taste of locusts.

4. Do your research.

I can't state 4 enough. I did enough thinking and digging to realise that John was a great and inspiring man of God, looked like a normal guy and was blessed by having people come out to him (which forms a few points of an informative talk about the man). But not enough to realise that, for reasons more fully explained here (and elsewhere), JTB probably ate the fruit of the locust tree (which is quite like chocolate) with honey.

Unbelievable. So next time I do a talk about John, I'll be certain to treat myself to some chocolate dipped in honey (which he spent his time eating - totally increases my respect for the guy, btw) safe in the knowledge that I'll be doing a great work in increasing people's Bible knowledge.

And won't ever have to eat locusts again.

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