Discover Easter - a Good Friday event!

Here's a report for the upcoming church magazine about the fantastic Discover Event we held on Good Friday. Enjoy!

What do 3 puppets, 4 puppeteers, hundreds of knitted chicks, 3 newspapers, 2 videos, 1 wooden cross, 5 different crafts, 120 chocolate eggs, 2 treasure hunts, dozens of volunteers and about 45 children (plus their parents) have in common?

Discover Easter!

This was the first time we’ve tried an event like this – something for all the family to explore a little more of the amazing Easter story together. On the morning of Good Friday, we saw a really great turn out – with many people accepting invitations through letterboxes, at the doorstep, through toddler groups and also by word of mouth. It was fantastic to see so many, and to be able to welcome them in and share some of the good news of Easter.

The event started off by gathering all together for some crafts – so many creative and colourful crosses, stain-glass windows, Easter cards and decorated eggs on display! We then headed out to the school grounds for a big Easter egg hunt – everyone found at least one (some people found quite a few more…)

After that we came back into church to be guided through the Easter story by our puppety friends. They had a bit of a hard time getting to grips with the Easter story – so we helped them out with some video and a talk about why Easter is (even though it looks like it is bad news) really GOOD NEWS!

We learned a new song about Jesus being better than any superhero (ask me if you want to know the actions, by the way) and then went back through to the hall to finish off our crafts, eat and drink (there was REAL coffee and everything), and wrap up the event in time for lunch.

I had a lot of positive feedback and enjoyed some lovely conversations with people who were thinking of coming back to church – or even start coming. I am so grateful to be able to report back on that!! This was one of the key reasons for running the event and I hope and pray that the connections we’ve made through it can be built upon and strengthened.

I also write with huge gratitude to all who helped bring the event together and make it such a success – Janet and her team of chick-knitters; Cloud 10 + guests with their puppet skills; Mary-Ann, Evelyn, Pam, Lynn, Hannah and all those who did the jobs that needed doing; Chris who delivered the “Jesus is good news” newspaper talk and everyone else who was involved. Thanks also for your prayers – we’ve certainly been blessed by this event and, I hope, will have blessed those who came with a warm welcome and a decent portion of good news this Easter time.


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