The Summer Games

Can you guess which sporting event I’m thinking of? Here’s a few clues:

  1. It is happening this summer;

  2. There are lots of different sports represented;

  3. People from all over the world are welcome;

  4. There have been disputes with the workers over pay and conditions;

  5. These have led to some doubt as to whether or not the games will be ready in time;

  6. It’s all happening under the watchful eye of Cristo Redentor.

Did you get it? I am, in fact, not thinking of the Rio Olympics, but of Young Crown’s DECATHLON summer clubs!!

Decathlon is a holiday club with a difference: we’ve split it over ten weeks and will run it as a youth club night with all sorts of added extras like craft, games tables, retro games console, tuck shop and maybe even a little samba music (to get us in the mood for the other, less important, summer games).

Whether it’s blindfold football or volleyball; gymnastics or dressage; we’ve got something lined up in the clubs that’s right down your street. If you’re aged 4 or 14; (or anything in between and up to 18!) then this is perfect for filling those summer evenings (it’s OK to admit that even being off of school can drag on a bit). We’re going to try some new sports, play some familiar games and think a bit about some important questions too.

Why not check out the Decathlon page on the website for more details and make sure everyone you know has an invite too?!

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