New this term!

At this morning's school assemblies we marked, in part, some new beginnings. Some new teachers at the school, some new children - even a whole load of those in P1. Some new friendships, some taking on new challenges with new excitement. Maybe a new pair of school shoes and a new bag here-and-there too...

So what's new at Young Crown? So far we've kicked off the term with the same stuff we've been doing - and we're just finishing up our summer services and returning to out usual pattern on Sundays. And yet... These things seem somehow new, and exciting, as opportunities to share a new understanding of God's love; a new perspective of His Kingdom; a new way to live, love and serve. For those with us on the Sunday we looked at the Easter journey - every day a new chance to live for life because of resurrection!

All that said - we're also starting off, BRAND NEW, this week our Energize Club for P4-7s and out Drop In at Millburn Academy for everyone there. So please be praying for them too! It feels like with these opportunities springing up, we're just getting started with a new move of what we can do to love and support the young people around us. And these are just two of the new things we're embarking on. Keep watch for details on what's next... what's new... what you can do too...

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