Hiya folks, and a Happy New Year to you!

With everything kicking back off here at Young Crown HQ, here's a warm invitation to join us for all that you can... We have 9:30 services back from Sunday 8th, some older teens getting together that weekend too; SU at Crown Primary starting back up on Wednesday 11th; Energize back on Thursday 12th; Drop In at Millburn Academy on Friday 13th and some exciting community building in schools later in the month. We're also linked with other organisations and they're winding up again too - BB starts back up on Friday 13th too and Elevate returns on 3rd February.

In the spirit of New Year I'd also, I suppose, wish to make some resolutions. Your Young Crown blog has not been the most active spot on the internet which seems like something to do something about! I'll be doing my best to update the blog every couple of weeks. Alongside that, increasing the Young Crown presence on social media will be key - so the Facebook page needs some attention and work and when fresh content goes on it'll need to be liked and shared (so I'd better make it good stuff!)

So basically the new year is a new opportunity to bring us up to date online! I know a few keen bloggers from the schools so it shouldn't be too difficult?!...

Whatever the start of 2017 holds for you, here's hoping it's happy and blessed!

#hny #happynewyear #newyear #2017 #blog #socialmedia #update

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