The January Update




Hopefully you’ve spotted our brand new Bible Explorers’ BOX…

The contents of the box are designed to help families take the journey of faith home with them – and help the whole family to engage with prayer and Bible reading together through the week. The project was borne out of much thought, deliberation and conversation with parents about making sure that the spiritual activities of church are accessible and commonplace for all 7 days of the week. I really hope that the boxes will be a big blessing to families who take them home, and offer a really easy and sustainable start to a vibrant shared spiritual journey based at home.

In each box you will find:

1 Diary of a Disciple. This is an accessible version of Luke’s gospel, which we’re going through this term during both 9:30 and 11:00 services. There’s also a guide as to which chapters to read at which times to follow the readings at church.

2 Prayer pals. These can accompany little ones at bed time or wherever else they need a friend. They also carry a reminder of something / someone to pray for, and a simple prayer to use daily.

1 Lord’s prayer cube. This cube will help to explore the meaning behind each part of the Lord’s prayer to grow confidence in knowing how to pray too.

1 Challenge card. This card gives a set of weekly challenges for individuals / families to do together in order to grow in faith together. There are some fun ones and some slightly tougher ones too.

The box is free, and we’re running it as a sort of trial to see if it is something useful for families to use and grow together. I’m also looking to use the trial period to take suggestions for other ideas / activities that could go into similar boxes in the future.

So remember: God doesn’t fit into a box – open this one up to find out more!

In other news, Young Crown have started back all activities after the Christmas break, and have some exciting things in the pipeline. Coming soon, we’ll have amongst other things a community fete where we can host all sorts of groups and activities by way of celebration of children and young people in Crown!

Last (for now), and by no means least, I’d like to share just a little of a wonderful event on Friday 20th Jan. We were invited by a P6 class at Crown Primary to build up links between the school and community, and 8 volunteers from Crown church came in to share a little with the school. The volunteers all had the experience of years; and some stories to tell about what school was like a while ago; some of the trials and tribulations of life before the internet age; and shared some precious artefacts, photos and memories. It was such a privilege to be in the room as the young ones made some lovely connections with people they’d ordinarily have minimal contact with; and to see just how appreciated the time was by all concerned. We’re hoping this will lead to much more similar work in the future too – a great way to share a little of God’s Kingdom to the next generation! As ever, keep praying!


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