In Summer[y]

Dear reader,

Thank you so much for your interest in the activities of Young Crown. At the time of our newsletter’s creation, there is simply too much to be thankful for + prepare for to write about any of it at length. As someone who causes the wonderful editors of this newsletter enough headaches, I’m going to try and be brief – so here’s a bullet-pointed list for your delectation.

Over the summer:

  • We ran three clubs – including Energize on Thursdays; LP Club and Kick on Fridays. This meant we provided a space of fun, games, enjoyment and Christian nurture for children from nursery up to S2.

  • These clubs were reasonably well attended and also very appreciated by families as well as the children themselves.

  • We explored all sorts of different Bible teaching – from looking at Jesus’ miracles with the youngest, through exploring in depth the “Prodigal Son” with upper Primary and looking at themes with the older children.

  • We’ve had five young men going through the Youth Alpha course over the summer.

  • We had some great conversations with families interested in getting a little more involved with other church activities – which was an unexpected bonus. Well, I say “unexpected,” but I invite you to re-read my previous article on God multiplying our efforts!

  • So much to give thanks and praise for!

But I can’t fill an article with just looking back, because there’s SO MUCH to do going forward! Including:

  • Toddler groups: We have spent a good deal of time supporting the toddler groups on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, generally ensuring the kitchen activities are all dealt with. A simple but very appreciated ministry of service. We could really do with some more volunteers to join the rota – one or two mornings per month. Could this be you?

  • YFC touring teams: After the success of last year’s visit to Millburn Academy, we’re bringing the YFC teams back, but this year we’re bigger and better – with mission teams focussed on music, dance and football! Could you help out? We need to house 18 people from the 29th Oct – 4th Nov, and also give them an evening meal together on Monday – Friday evenings that week. Could you host, or could you cook?

  • Drop In: The Millburn Academy youth worker drop in has changed to Thursday lunchtimes – due to the school’s new timetable. We could use an extra volunteer or two to come, serve hot chocolate and hang out with the young people. Do you know anyone who could help out?

  • Friday Drop In: Alongside the change to Thursday for the school drop in; we’ve got an opportunity to help many people at the same time… The new timetable sees Millburn pupils off on Friday afternoons. This has led to a lot of them heading into town and perhaps not being quite welcome where they have gone. We want to at least trial the idea of running a drop in club for them right here at Crown Church – giving the young people a place where they most definitely are welcome; as well as serving local people and traders who feel perhaps a bit overwhelmed with lots of young people suddenly upon them. Could you be involved?

  • SU at Crown Primary: Is re-starting after the October holidays. We’re always on the hunt for new team members!

  • Weekends Away: We’re taking a bunch of P5-7s away for an adventure weekend from 22-24 September. And some S1-6s away on 17-19 November. Prayers appreciated for these

There’s more, but I fear I may already have exceeded the reader’s (and editors’!) limits with all of that.

As ever, thanks for prayers and support.


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