An Adventure Weekend

Some adventurers from Young Crown recently joined others from across the Highlands on a weekend away near Aviemore. I managed to grab an extract from a diary; let’s take a look…

Fri 22nd September

6:00pm Crammed on to the amply spacious bus, stretch my legs out. Luxury! Why did I pack the full arsenal of hair-care and accessories?! (I’m still sure I’ll need them, I just would love it if someone would invent a single bag that can take all my stuff.)

6:45pm We’re here! The place looks good, clean and comfy. Home from home. Got a room with some nice people and... bunk beds!?! AMAZING!!!

8:10pm Just sitting down to some Bible study. Wasn’t expecting the weekend to be one long, boring... Hang on, this is actually pretty good! I’d never thought about all of the adventures in the Bible before.

9:30pm This is the life. Cake and hot chocolate, activities done, only on day one… Bedtime? I’m totally going to fall asleep straight away.

Sat 23rd September

1:00am Shhhhh don’t tell anyone I’m still awake. I don’t think the leaders know...

8:15am Breakfast! I wonder what the day will bring. I think it’ll be a good one.

9:45am Second Bible study done. Again I wasn’t sure to start off with; yesterday might have been a one-off, but actually it was really good again – a guy called Peter time-travelled specially to tell us about when he met Jesus. Off to do ropes course now – excited but a little nervous. Hope the people doing archery have fun too!

12:45pm Lunch. I’m SOOOOOO HUNGRY!!!! Ropes course was amazing; I never thought I’d be able to do it but I managed – and I loved it! But I don’t have time to write just now, I have to go and get seconds. This food is AMAZING.

3:40pm The afternoon has been a bit of a blur to be honest; archery, games, mystery activity. So much going on but now we’re off to the sports hall. Can’t remember the last time I’ve done so much on a Saturday...

6:45pm Sorry for neglecting you a bit, dear diary, I’ve just been so busy. Games, tuck shop and dinner were so good. Bible study going on now: what is the church? Never realised that so many adventurers had so much to thank Jesus for. 10 lepers healed but only one said “thanks”? Makes me think…

8:30pm I finally have time to write lots in the diary – we’re supposed to be getting ready for bed!

9:15pm I don’t want to admit it but I am so thankful that we have been sent to bed! We are all SO TIRED but nobody wanted to say so. We have had a great day, rounded off by a great film night and hot choc. I really want to s... ... ... zzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday 24th September

10:00am Breakfast done, and we’ve just done our talk, worship and prayer – it had it all. What do I think about what Jesus has done for me? Good question!... Now we’re getting ready for whole-camp activities…

11:15am BEST BIT OF THE WEEKEND! So good, I can’t believe they saved this until now. We get to pack all of our things up! BRILLIANT!

1:45pm Lunch was so tasty, I think I’m going to write to the Michelin man and recommend Adventurers’ Weekend for a star. Quiz done and we definitely won. No cheating or anything.

2:30pm SAD to be leaving Alltnacriche. MASSIVE THANKS to all of the leaders for making it such a great weekend.

3:15pm Just got home... and... ... zzzzzzzzzzzz

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