With no activity on the blog here for a long time, here's an effort to start posting. Who knows, it might take on?!

So a script for a recent assembly for S1s at Millburn Academy. The topic was community; here's where I took it. Hope you enjoy!

The topic today is “community”

The people around us; you and me.

Take a look around, stop and stare –

Have you ever even spoken to the person over there?

Before I get started, wait! Let’s stop! There’s something vital, I totally forgot…

If you don’t mind too much, just smile for me please

I’ve got to hold up to take a couple of selfies.

I’d better take another, the first one’s not right

I’ll just change the filter to adjust for the light

It’s got to to look perfect so everyone sees

How great it all is at S1 assemblies.

If it isn’t spot on, I won’t click ‘share’

I’m not putting just any old rubbish out there…

On Insta, twitter, Facey, Snapchat;

I’m linked with too many people for that.

They’ve got to all see how great this all looks

‘coz everything seems perfect on all their facebooks.

Lives so amazing, you’d just want to steal ‘em

But that begs the question: “is that the real them?”

How did we get here in this world of fake news

That our “social” media seems to be constructed for ‘views’?

I’m wondering how this all got begun:

That we’re connected to thousands; yet connected with none.

In scientific studies results have shown

We’re less connected when connected by phone

Friends need real friends, and not just screens

Especially when going through life as teens.

Real things happen to real people and so:

We need real friends when we’re high and low.

My kids can be happy, sometimes they’re sad:

But they need me to be their Dad – not just provide and iPad.

Now I’m a Christian: I look to the Bible for advice

It has lots to say on this matter which is kinda nice.

Go back to the beginning, the start of the story…

God creates a human; the Earth’s crowning glory.

Then He says this:

“It is not good for man to be alone.”

Note the solution was not to buy Adam an iPhone.

It was to create more people; a community for sharing.

For real relationships to produce love, support and caring.

Later on in the Holy book

(in 1 Corinthians of you want to take a look)

it says that everyone is one unique part

of one big body – a work of art.

It says everyone is needed and inter-connected

Nobody has cause to be rejected.

If you’re like an eye, we need you for seeing.

If you’re like a knee, we need you for… well… kneeeing.

Are you a leader? Find people to lead!

Do you love books? Find a book club and read!

Have you a passion, a talent, a thing that you do?

Then share it with others, that they’ll love it too!

Our social feeds are great, but this is the deal:

Real relationships are complex, but at least they’re real.

Our phones may be smart, but the users are dumb

If our lives, like our selfies, revolve ‘round just one.

If you remember just one thing from today,

Get involved in community and heed what they say:

A life is lived better when you make this your call –

In stead of “all-for-one”; you say “one-for-all.”

You are amazing. And you matter.

You may well matter most when you matter to others too!

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