The April Update

“Fete brings people together no matter how far apart they may be.”

Ancient Chinese proverb

I may have mistranslated the proverb (my Mandarin isn’t so hot!) but we’re certainly hoping it rings true on the 6th May! We’re planning a Young Crown Community Fete that day from 12-3pm at Crown School which is intended to be a big celebration of all that goes on in Crown for children, young people, families and beyond!

We’re hoping to have a big BBQ; teas, coffees, other refreshments; a bake sale; games; crafts; big inflatables (bouncy castles, etc.); firelighting; performances; face painting and much more! We’ve had interest and offers of help from: Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade, Cubs, Scouts, Brownies, Guides, Kingsmills Toddlers, TFX, and others too already – so we’re hoping it’ll be a pretty big and vibrant event. With all this to coordinate, though, it’ll be a bit of an all-hands-on-deck day – so if you’re free to help with anything around that weekend (practical help on the day, preparations, clear up, baking, setting up / running a stall, etc.) I’d love to hear from you!

If you are affiliated with an organisation that would like to be involved, that’d be wonderful too – ask me for a booking form! We’re hoping that there will be lots of fun and a great opportunity to celebrate all that goes on for families in the area – to celebrate the families themselves and the community as well. We very much hope that it will be useful to all sorts of community groups to raise their profiles and potentially link up with new members who might be excited to find out about activities they never knew they could do. We’re also hoping the event might raise a bit of money, which will be shared out amongst participating groups.

The other thing we will need is to get the word out there – so once the advertising leaflets, posters and tv advert campaign* have been produced; I’d love to know that they’ll be heading out in all the right directions. Let’s see if we can pull together a great crowd of people for a massively fun event!!

And just briefly, since the big plug has been done, how’s about a wee peak at Young Crown’s other projects over the last few weeks? Energize have been busy – I hope you spotted the picture from Joel Githinji’s visit in the last edition of the Newsletter. We’ve been looking at what the Bible has to say about the world around us this term – things like “poverty”, “religion”, “war”, “politics” and “racism”. It’s always an interesting discussion and a big privilege to introduce them to God’s word in a living and fresh way. Isn’t it amazing how God speaks so clearly through His word even today?! We also took over Jimmy Chung’s buffet one night – that was a biggie!

We held a successful Pancake Day event where 20 children filled up the Olive Grove and munched their way through the start of lent. We’ve spent some really valuable time in schools including three weeks of lessons with S6 personal development classes at Millburn Academy and some wonderful time with the P5s at Crown Primary exploring the Easter story. What wonderful questions we’ve asked and answered in these classes! Also I’ve managed to do some valuable work on producing a prayer space for Crown Primary School – likely to be held in May.

AMP’D holiday club, a visit to the P7 activity week in Loch Eil, helping out the toddlers, work around the 9:30 service and weekly Drop In at Millburn Academy have all kept me rather busy during that time too!

As ever, thanks for your prayers and support.


*a TV advertising campaign is, admittedly, probably beyond budget.

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