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Whilst groups have been on lockdown, we've been working on a few different things. One thing you may have been aware of has been establishing a community support project which has enabled churches across Inverness and beyond to meet the needs of those in food poverty. We've also been collaborating with some other local projects to grow some work which we're hoping will benefit people we've never managed to reach before.

Another thing we're working on is what we can do for you at home - itching to get back out to clubs and church services and share the journey of faith again. This page is to help give you some resources and inspiration on how to explore the Bible together right there in the comfort of your own homes!

Hope this is useful, if there's anything we can do to help further, or if you think there's a resource we've missed here which people might really love; please get in touch.

Wishing you every blessing as you explore together at home!

Stay safe,

Team YC

Full Armour

Our friends at Out of the Box have produced an award-winning short film to help viewers interact with the life and times of the early church. It is set in 90AD during the reign of the Roman Emperor, Domitian. A young Greek boy, Timothy, from Corinth has been kidnapped after his parents’ villa is sacked by Roman soldiers imposing the Emperor’s Imperial Cult. Timothy meets a mysterious Caledonian woman, Miriam, in the cave where he is being held. She equips him to escape and helps him to understand how The Truth can set him free. Timothy learns what it means to stand firm even when the conflict is at its fiercest. He discovers that hope glimmers even in the darkest places and through the most unlikely of allies...

To see the full movie and the other creative elements, head over to the Full Armour website - https://fullarmourfilm.com where you can also check out the amazing resource material - ‘Full Armour’ in 5 episodes. Each episode is between 4 and 7 minutes long and features a different part of the ‘armour of God’. As part of this download you will also receive the ‘Full Armour’ teaching material suitable for holiday clubs, children’s / youth groups, or for your own family use. The material includes:

- games and activities that introduce the themes of each session
- additional facts that help us understand the historical context
- discussion questions that delve deeply into the implications of what it means for us to put on the Full Armour of God.

And, if all of that wasn't enough, there's also the Full Armour Family Series! This is a fun family resource exploring the full armour of God, but rather than using the Full Armour Film, it is based in the studio and has the Out of the Box team guiding you through some excellent activities for all of the family. This includes some downloadable and printable content for specific age ranges. Another magnificent resource!

See it at https://outofthebox.me.uk/full-armour-family-series/ and check it out for yourselves!

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about the utterly excellent

Diary of a Disciple.

BOX contents

for Luke's


BOX contents

for Acts

Bibles Open (e)Xplorers!


Our BOX project was run over a couple of years in Crown Church services - a wee box of goodies with a lot to unpack!

The contents of the box are designed to help take the journey of faith home with you – and help the whole family to engage with prayer and Bible reading together through the week. If you've been around and about Crown Church in the last few years, you'll have hopefully had a box given to you, but if not then do get in touch as I'm sure we've got some spares around the YC office looking for a good home!


In the box you should find:

1 Diary of a Disciple. This is an accessible version of Luke’s gospel, which we were going through during both 9:30 and 11:00 services. There was also a guide as to which chapters to read at which times to follow the readings at church.

1a. During round 2 of the BOX programme we also had Diary of a Disciple: Peter and Paul's Story; an accessible version of Acts in the same style as DoaD.

2 Prayer pals. These cuddly cuties can accompany you at bed time or wherever else you need a friend. They also carry a reminder of something / someone to pray for. The cuddles were knitted and provided by some of the wonderful crafty ladies in church.

1 Lord’s prayer cube. This cube will help to explore the meaning behind each part of the Lord’s prayer to grow our confidence in knowing how to pray too.

1 Challenge card. This card gives a set of weekly challenges for individuals / families to do together in order to grow in faith together. There should be some fun ones and some slightly tougher ones too.


Below you can find links to the printed materials from the BOXes to help you get going with your adventures through the pages of Scripture.


So remember: God doesn’t fit into a box – open this one up to find out more!